Kind Words.

(Notes, emails, etc. below). But first, Tweets.

More formal recommendations on my LinkedIn profile. ♥ thank you for your support.

> Snippets of recommendations from LinkedIn leaders:

  • “thoughtful, talented and creative person … enjoys being challenged and delights in personal service”

  • “impressed by her knowledge of events, passion for life, attention to detail”

  • “amazing event coordination, communications and marketing with valuable leadership”

  • “reliable, meticulous and sharp”

  • “creative, communications and social media prowess, but also project and executive event management strengths”

  • “made a big impact on … LinkedIn’s business”

  • “creative and original thinker”

  • “superior intelligence, great curiosity … plenty of common sense … applied to solving many problems”

  • “excellent observation, execution, ability to suggest change”

  • “a unique talent clued into the zeitgeist of a new generation of journalists and consumers of information”

Nice Tweets.  

— Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO


— Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer, City of New York

This event’s preview tweet (2016):   bit.ly/janielinkedintweet
Photo Recap Tweet (2016):    bit.ly/janieeventpicsfarmtw
2 Events featured on Gary’s Guide (2016):  bit.ly/janieggfeb16 & bit.ly/janieequinoxgg
2017 Event Tweets:  bit.ly/janieeventtw  &  bit.ly/janieeventtwsp





— From a talk I gave to nonprofits at New York Cares





— Gemma Tate, attendee at my LinkedIn class, turned client








— Jonathan Silverman, attendee at my LinkedIn, social, online dating class
       (referred me to 5 colleagues)






Preso by @jainer16 of #Linkedin at @nycares was insightful. #marketing #development — Sonya (@SonyaSpann) August 16, 2013





— (popular YouTuber, digital analytics, growth hacking expert) Khuram Malik




•  Also from Dan at a shoot for a corporate seminar at the Strand Hotel, NYC.
at his talk about how to boost sales success using LinkedIn and social media:
Thank you SO much for doing me the honor of taking the photos at my first social selling boot camp.  Turning the photographs around so quickly allowed me to do the fast follow on the marketing just a couple of days later. You are the best. There are some fantastic photos in there. Thank you!

— Dan Swift, Founder & CEO, Empire Social Media LLC.  (Sales leader, Sprinklr | Former leader, LinkedIn)

Dataversity | Enterprise Data World Speaker Janie Ho

More Kind Words.

More formal recommendations on my LinkedIn profile. ♥ 

From an application to famed founder of ‘The Awl’ Choire Sicha

Former Gawker Editor, then Vox Executive Editor.

Current New York Times Editor and wryly brilliant* writer:
*See ‘How Gays Split a Check at a Restaurant‘ (The Awl, March 2011)

Dear Janie,
I wanted to write you and thank you so much for this.
We’re narrowing in on a few candidates that we really like (so slowly!) but,
along the way, we were very impressed by your breadth of experience.
If I can ever be of assistance to you, please let me know.
Choire Sicha

black heart

 From my talk at Enterprise Data World in DC, April 2015:

6 days, 800+ data professionals, Chief Data Officers

(45+ people approached me throughout the week to note the quality and helpfulness of my LinkedIn presentation)

I took away 2 things from this year’s Enterprise Data World conference: data governance and competitive edge. The latter was given in just a few minutes late one day at the start of a six-day conference.

The talk resonated with me because of Janie’s witty, articulate and attention-grabbing speech on ‘Leveraging Linkedin for your Knowledge Network, Marketing and Impact’ that resonated with a diverse audience of more than 800 people.

— Muddasir Javed, Houston, Application Data Architect, Toyota, attendee of Enterprise Data World

•  From my 2017 Leveraging LinkedIn, Social and Online Dating’ class at Spark Labs accelerator, Bryant Park

Janie Ho really knows how to make her clients feel special and welcome. I felt like a VIP at her Hacking LinkedIn lecture.

Her knowledge is liquid hydrogen. Learning from Janie, is like learning from Prometheus about the technology of today’s social media landscape.

— Jonathan Silverman, attendee at my LinkedIn, social, online dating class
     (referred me to 5 colleagues)

•  From my ‘Leveraging LinkedIn and Social to Boost Your Career‘ talk to ‘Populate Wall St.’ fellows 2016 in NYC.

First of all, thank you again for your presentation. I personally got so much out of it, and I’m excited to implement what I learned and I know it will make a huge difference in my connectivity.  I know the fellows got a lot out of it also.

— Diane Villavieja, V2V Institute ‘Populate Wall St’ national business & technology fellowship program, NYC.  Board Member, Jr Hollywood Radio & Television Society

•  From my talk at Enterprise Data World 2015 in DC.

A message from Founder & CEO of DATAVERSITY, the producer of EDW and some of the nation’s largest data and IT conferences year-round:

(I was a lauded LinkedIn expert speaker at EDW conference in 2015. Also provided custom corporate training on LinkedIn and social media to the conference producers: the internal DATAVERSITY team.)

Hi Janie,

Thanks again for the [DATAVERSITY]  team training this week.
Please send the notes you mentioned so I can make sure to cover everything you recommended.

Maybe you should do a full-length presentation at the next [conference]?
[Skipping the lengthy speaker-vetting process]Tony

—  Tony ShawFounder & CEO of DATAVERSITY

•  From my NYC Headshot Photographer and Event Photographer work for GE Digital Industrial, 2017

40+ corporate headshots + hours of event photos at a GE CEO & CMO event

>    Janie, thanks again for your great work.

>    Great stuff.  Thanks, Janie.

— Marketing leaders, office of GE’s Chief Marketing Officer, Linda Boff

•  From my talks to nonprofits at New York Cares (volunteer–community organization/matchmaker):

Cheers on such an empowering presentation today at New York Cares for all the different nonprofits that attended.

I now feel equipped to facilitate a meeting with our leadership in Volunteer Recruitment and Alumni on how to use LinkedIn’s tools and features.

I 100% think that NY Cares should have you do another session. My organization could benefit from you and since I met you, I have encouraged my department to adopt your tips to better retain our volunteers.

 — Susan J. Doyle, Senior Manager, Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC

•  From my talks to Startup Staten Island: Tech Meetup, from a tech newbie and budding entrepreneur in health and wellness:

Janie, your presentation was awesome (and you thought you were going to get booed), you were fantastic.

It was in awe-inspiring presentation.
Thank you, Janie

 — Chris C., a budding health entrepreneur in Staten Island

•  From my 2017 Leveraging LinkedIn, Social and Online Dating’ class at Spark Labs accelerator, Bryant Park

Hi Janie,

Thank you for your talk, very informative.  I would be interested in other events and happy to send it around to others who may be interested.

 — from startup founder / Columbia Business School MBA

•  From my talks at Equinox Wall Street  (to job seekers, career-boosters, small business owners):  On Equinox Manager’s Instagram

Thanks @janieco1 for a wonderful introduction on how to use #socialmedia and your expertise on @linkedin
#specialevent #committosomething #furthermore #buildingacommunity #ideas #networking

 Gita Selli,  Events and Membership Manager, Equinox Wall Street

The event tweet – bit.ly/janielinkedintweet3
The Eventbrite –  bit.ly/janieeventbrite

•  Profile Shoot & LinkedIn / Social Media audit:

I definitely feel like I lucked out with working with someone whose work ethic was above and beyond!

The pictures look great! I am very pleased with the options that I have to choose from! Grand Central really turned out to be a great spot for our shoot!

— Gemma Tate, City of New York and UN Young Professionals Association, photo shoot and LinkedIn-and-social-media-audit client

•  Photography:

Your photography is amazing. I was checking out the portraits on your Flickr. The images are warm and inviting and the subjects are involved in the moment. It takes skill to keep people involved and not just stop and pose. Says a lot about the photography.

— Joe Lazala, Tampa, Fla., IT Professional who found me on LinkedIn

•  Profile Shoot:

Last weekend, I celebrated losing 26 lbs by having new photos taken. Thanks to @janieho16 for making me look FAB! t.co/DPLDejbhBY

Lolita C. (+on FB), NYC, after three-hour, three-wardrobe–change shoot.  Frequent referrer to my LinkedIn auditing and photography work.

•  Copywriting
(Restaurants, Bars, Nightlife)

Hey Janie!

LOVE your copy. Thanks a million. Hope you had a killer Thanksgiving!

 Kyle Jameson, NYC, former Senior Editor at LivingSocial, 2011

•  Copywriting
(Restaurants, Bars, Nightlife)

Named top 3 of ~150 New York contributors (same for COED Magazine).

Your Mardi Gras list is fantastic. I’m going to go in and make a few copy edits (nothing major) and then schedule it to be featured on the homepage!

[My first of many pieces for Citysearch.]

—  Justine Goodman, NYC, Senior Editor, Citysearch, 2010  (now at Refinery29)

•  Photography + Consulting:

As a published author and media personality, I’ve worked with many media professionals and noticed that Janie is smart, organized and multi-talented.

She offered an affordable package for her new photography business, where she photographed my kids, created / edited my social media profiles, created a banner and logo and advised me about my website, SEO and overall business. I’d highly recommend her!

 Paulette Kouffman Sherman, NYC, Psychologist, Media Commentator, Founder Paulette Sherman Group


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