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Social Media expert NYC | NYC affordable photographer | Growth marketer NYCJanie Ho is a digital strategist, LinkedIn expert, NYC photographer (portraits & events), speaker, analyst, food and travel connoisseur and all-around fun girl.

She teaches people and companies how to leverage LinkedIn, Social + Digital for their Business and Career.

She is an adjunct professor of Social Media for creatives in business at FIT, a State University of New York.

And a guest lecturer at NYU and Boston College’s business school.

(Oh, and she works for LinkedIn is open to chatting about opportunities. In what, you ask? See here.)   (She now works at the New York Daily News.)   (And here’s her bio page)

(In a rush?  ‘About Janie’ in a tweet — bit.ly/janiehotweet2or ‘About Janie’ in a DECK.)

In her previous (and sporadically, current) life, Janie has written and/or shot for:

GQ China  (NYC food, nightlife, business, relationships), BusinessWeek,
New York Mag (restaurant critic), NYTimes.com,
ChicagoTribune.com, LATimes.com, LivingSocial,
MSN, AOL, Citysearch, the New York Post
and more ranging in topics from hard news to city life and food, to travel, health, education, relationships, and more.

A former reporter for BusinessWeek (online, in magazine, on-camera), assistant producer and on-camera host (fun BSB pic) for CBSNews.com (The Early Show60 Minutes, breaking news), and assistant to the anchor at ABC World News Tonight and 20/20,  she began her career as a desk assistant at the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather.

(See writing samples on her LinkedIn.)

– Speaking –

nyc photographers | photographers in nyc | event photographers nycJanie has received strong, positive feedback from her 100+ talks on

How to leverage LinkedIn and social (book her now) 🙂 
content strategy, marketing on a shoestring, growth, social impact, online dating, and more, at events from

Enterprise Data World 2015 in DC
(800+ people, Speakers’ Page – My Session + SPEAKER’S BIO),

to talks for nonprofits (via NY Cares & Google, bit.ly/JanieLI_NPO),
to startups (bit.ly/JanieBeGood),
to NYC singles  (bit.ly/janievdaylinkedin, bit.ly/janievdayspeak),
to small businesses (a Microsoft eventbit.ly/janieMSFT),
to budding tech scenes in Staten Island (),
to future reimaginers of Wall St. and business impact leaders, and at meetups and universities (NYU, BC, Pratt).

PS – Come to her next Leveraging LinkedIn, Social and Online Dating talks!
See her events page and testimonials.

In 2021, she will be a featured speaker with Online Geniuses, a 25,000-member-plus premier community for growth and digital marketing experts in the U.S.

– Podcast Guesting –

Janie loves speaking on podcasts.  Have her on your show!  (Open DMs on all social.)

Here are 2 podcast episodes: 1/ online dating and 2/ social and digital for business and career.
And the 3rd podcast3/ Networking and meeting people the right way, online and IRL.
Another coming soon on social + digital for athletes and entertainers.

See the ice-cream flyer for all 4 episodes on FacebookInstagram,  or  Twitter

– Janie Co. –

She also runs Janie Co., a (fun to work with!) photography, speaking and consulting service offering:

Photography – Portraits (LinkedIn, social, dating profiles) and events 
• Speaking / Corporate Training –
LinkedIn, marketing, growth, social, swipe apps
• Consulting –
Custom packages in SEO / social / marketing audits, growth marketing models, analytics, media, digital strategy, editing, content and event strategy.

✰ Popular services include

1/ employee profile photo shoots  • 2/ custom info sessions  • 3/ graphic design  • 4/ social / SEO / Web / content strategy audits • 5/ (1:1) employee profile audits • 6/ product feedback / advising.

  • (See samples, services and inquire about special rates)
  • Clients include: NYU, Harvard Business School, New York Cares,  Equinox,  GE Digital Industrial, Civic Hall,  HandsOnTech (Google partner for nonprofits), Dataversity, Big Data / AI companies, Dating Apps / Online Dating co’s, TechExpo, Boston College, Pratt, Uncubed (tech community), Consultancies, Wellness centers,  Wall St Fellows, Restaurants, Wine bars, Hospitality, Startups, Design firms, Normal people and more. Check it out. 🙂
  • Photo Samples in a Tweet, or in an IG Post.

Janie is a graduate of Boston College, where she was a cheerleader, and lives in New York.  Oh, let’s just mention that she’s single, cuz, why not.

She is from Staten Island, New York.  Don’t hate.

Connect with Janie: 

Janie Co. FB:   fb.com/janieco1
‘About Janie’ in a Slideshow:   bit.ly/janiedeck
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LI Group Owner:  Friends of Janie Co. – please join! bit.ly/janiecoLIgroup
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Instagram:      instagram.com/janiekho  or   bit.ly/janieIG 
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Featured guest expert on a podcast:  
 Online Dating, Digital Podcast
Traffic Violence Injury Support Group:  
the tweet – bit.ly/janiegrouptw2

BusinessWeek Reporter Bio:  (page erased post-merger) buswk.co/janie_bio
BW Reporter Bio feat. on Fairness.com for UN + Gay MBAs story:  bit.ly/fairnessjaniebw  and some full samples of my BusinessWeek reporter writing

Enterprise Data World 2015 Speaker’s Bio: 
bit.ly/JanieSessionEDW  & bit.ly/EDWJanieSpeaker
Speaker’s Profile on 10 Times: (Conf Directory) 10times.com/profile/15152337/janie-ho
Citysearch NYC Samples
:     bit.ly/citysearchjanie
COED Samples (like Maxim for College Guys):   bit.ly/coedjanie
Popsugar:           janieho.onsugar.com (3 samples from ’10)
WeddingWire   bit.ly/janiecoweddingwire

Meetup:             meetup.com/members/9245645
Dribble (design community, meetups, bio):    dribbble.com/janieho

Google +:         bit.ly/JaniePlus             Biz Page: bit.ly/janiecogplus
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